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Area map of all stations within cleveland

Brigade Summary

Incident Type Last Year Actual Current Year Actual % Change Movement Performance Key
Deliberate Fires 2,022 2,713 34.17% Requires Improvement
Deliberate Primary Fires 248 285 14.92% Requires Improvement
Deliberate Secondary Fires 1,774 2,428 36.87% Requires Improvement
Deliberate Dwelling Fires 36 57 58.33% Requires Improvement
Accidental Dwelling Fires (ADF's) 93 114 22.58% Requires Improvement
Accidental Dwelling Fire Injury 20 5 -75.0% Performing Strongly
Last Year Start Date Last Year End Date Current Year Start Date Current Year End Date
1st April 2020 31st October 2020 1st april 2021 31st October 2021


Last Data Uploaded Nov. 23, 2021, 11:22 a.m.

  • All statistics may be subject to change following final data validation
  • Primary Fires are fires that occurred to property, vehicles and or involved casualties and or involved 5 or more pumping appliances.
  • Secondary Fires are NOT property fires eg. rubbish, grassland, wheelie bins and derelict buildings.
  • Wholetime Stations: Middlesbrough, Grangetown, Thornaby, Billingham, Coulby Newham, Hartlepool
  • Wholetime / On-Call Stations: Stockton, Redcar
  • On-Call Stations: Headland, Yarm, Guisborough, Saltburn, Skelton, Loftus